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  Public Speaking And Creativity
The Importance of Public Speaking
Public Speaking And Shyness
Public Speaking And Creativity
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Every Child Needs Public Speaking
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“Thank you very much for sending Pranavs video and we all enjoyed watching it. Pranav has become a fan of Genius kids and he takes his grand parents to Genius kids as part of their walking routine. We are also proud of our choice in sending Pranav to Genius Kids and we really appreciate you taking interest in kids overall development.”
Shobha Nag, Fremont CA
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Public Speaking And Creativity

Can Public Speaking Develop Creativity?

Public speaking is not just about boosting a child's confidence or communication skills, there are several other important life skills acquired in the process.

  1. Research skills, team spirit and analytical thinking.
  2. Effective participation and the ability to tackle problems and resolve conflict.
    This can be of great use in writing resumes, conducting interviews and meetings and navigating through stressful poor economic conditions of life.
  3. Creativity - this is not about sitting at a piano or painting a picture. Creativity is about using one's imagination to come up with original ideas, think out of the box and think global.

How does one cultivate Creativity? Simple. Give your child the stimulation they need to explore issues and concepts, deal with problems, resolve problems, and develop teamwork spirit to target goals and dreams. Public Speaking relies on Creative Thinking since children need to write and deliver compelling speeches.


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