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“Your videos from the Shining Star Competition are simply amazing and impressive. I also wanted to tell you that the public speaking class we put Shreya in last year along with the opportunity at the Gandhi Jayanthi event in Milpitas are all helping Shreya immensely - Shreya has a speech class in Challenger since she was in Kindergarten where she did okay but we have personally observed that since she went to the public speaking classes at Genius Kids she has been scoring really high in her speech - I mean consistently she has been getting 100% - the lowest we saw was 98% - I asked her how come she is scoring so high now than before where she was in late 80s and she said - mom, I keep remembering the little pointers my teacher at Genius Kids taught me- so THANK YOU so much for offering these classes - they are definitely build to improve a kids performance - something so rarely offered by anyone else - this is definitely your competitive advantage - no one can touch your public speaking course - kudos on creating it.”
Madhuri, Union City CA
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Anything is Possible

Written by Rennu Dhillon, DSc.

I believe every WOMAN and every MAN,
CAN achieve their DREAMS with a simple game PLAN.
All you need is some basic GOALS of LIFE,
Shoot for the STARS and never strife.
Synchronize your MIND with your HEART,
Take your IDEA, create a LIFE CHART.
Believe in YOURSELF; not just money, but more,
Strive for SUCCESS, and you will SCORE.
Something NEW, you are always on your own,
But the SEEDS of your IDEA need to be sewn.
Remember, no IDEA is ever funny or strange,
KNOW yourself and be the CHANGE.
DREAMS will help you reach for the STARS,
You CAN and you WILL become a SUPERSTAR.
Be an INVENTOR, think NEW and FAR,
Anything is POSSIBLE, no matter how BIZARRE!
ENTREPRENEURS are those who better them SELF,
Reaching BEYOND just their own, without help.
WEALTH can come in many different a form,
But it comes to those who ASPIRE to PERFORM.
We go to SCHOOL to LEARN how and why,
Only we can PUSH ourselves to FLY.
Many will laugh, at your IDEA and oppose,
Some will be FRIENDS and many will be foes.
However an ENTREPRENEUR always has a MISSION,
To never give up on their own VISION.
Remember EINSTEIN could not speak till three,
Yet a great MATHEMATICIAN he came to be.
began to write in his teens,
But it did not stop him from inventing all those MACHINES.
SUCCESS means to never give up, just GO,
With your DREAMS, LIFT your head and KNOW,
That life is to DISCOVER, to BELIEVE and SAY,
You LOVE to WORK every DAY.
You don’t have to be a GENIUS to SUCCEED,
Just simply IDENTIFY and fill a NEED.
For an ENTREPRENEUR one rule rings TRUE,
You must DO what you LOVE and LOVE what you DO!
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